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Medieval Times Toronto

Busy Minded Momma goes to MEDIEVAL TIMES TORONTO

My four-year-old boys love to pretend to be knights and sword fighting. This prompted me to check out Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament. When I started researching, I wasn’t entirely sure of what this show included, if it would be too scary for my little ones or if it was worth the price tag. I decided to take the plunge and bring the kids down; this was our experience.

We arrived about an hour early and were given our table numbers and crowns before we entered into the large gift shop and bar area to wait. There were knighting ceremonies going on although we did not take part in them. We did pay the extra $2 per person to walk through the dungeon. The dungeon area was smaller than I expected and had a bunch of medieval torture equipment with the explanations of what the equipment does. If your children can read, this may be scary, but my children just walked through and weren’t very interested in this part. The gift shop is extensive and even has glowing swords, wands and tiaras. We chose not to upgrade our tickets when we arrived, but we did purchase the kids some glowing accessories. The boys each chose a sword and my daughter chose a glowing tiara; this cost roughly $45.


We sat in the red and yellow knight’s section, in the top row farthest from the floor. This wasn’t an issue at all as we could see everything easily and were in the center section of the stadium. The show started with introducing the different knights, the queen and demonstrating the skill of the horses and the falcon. During this time the wait staff starts to bring out your three-course dinner that is included. We were served tomato bisque, garlic bread, a ½ chicken dinner with corn and potato on the side, and ice cream for dessert. I felt the portions were excellent and the food was quite tasty. You are not given cutlery though as that is part of the experience, I brought plastic cutlery in my purse because I have one child with some sensory sensitivities and knew he wouldn’t be able to handle eating with his hands. My daughter has a dairy allergy and when we were assigned our seats, an employee went through the list of ingredients in all of the menu items and made substitutes for my daughter for the things she couldn’t have. For example, instead of the ice cream, she was given a dairy-free orange sherbet, I was pleasantly surprised as she is often restricted when we go out.

The entire show was about two hours long and my kids sat through the performance completely mesmerized. We went to the 4 pm presentation, which worked out well for my kids as we were able to eat right around their normal dinner time and were able to be home for bedtime. I would definitely recommend this experience for a special family night out. I found that the cost of things can add up quickly, especially if you are buying an alcoholic beverage. The Busy Minded Mommas Facebook group has a special ticket offer, if you buy an adult ticket you can get a child for FREE. My kids started asking to go back before we had even exited the building! Definitely check out this show!

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