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Today I packed up my three kids and headed to Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park in Orono, Ontario. About a month ago, I purchased our tickets for the behind the scenes tour and have been really looking forward to it. The tour we were on included interaction with our choice of three animals, admission to the zoo and the feeding tour. I have three kids, so I allowed them to each select an animal from the list when we were booking. My children selected a lemur, a kangaroo and a serval cat.

jungle cat world

We arrived a bit early and were able to walk around the whole zoo within 1.5 hours. The kids were able to get some energy out and we were excited about how active and social the animals were. We had several timber wolves come right up to the fence as soon as we arrived at their enclosure. The kids were able to see the animals easily and were able to feed the goats. When it was time for our tour we went to the front office to check in and met the zoo keeper that would be introducing us to the animals. First up was the kangaroo. The kangaroo was named Sylvia and was super friendly. We were given pieces of banana to feed her and were able to pet her too. Sylvia was very gentle and my two boys who were feeling quite nervous did end up feeding and petting her too. Next, we headed to the Lemur enclosure and were lucky enough to meet five lemurs including a mommy and her twin babies! I felt a special connection to her as a fellow mother of multiples. What I wasn’t expecting was to be jumped on as soon as I walked through the gate. These Lemurs are so friendly they will hang out on top of you while you feed them. The lemurs were my favourite encounter that we did, and I would recommend checking them out! Our last meeting was with the serval Cat, Murphy. Murphy is 21 years old and so relaxed. One of my sons is very nervous with any animals and this was his favourite! We didn’t go into the serval Cat enclosure, instead Murphy was brought to us and we hung out on a picnic table. We were able to pet her, take pictures and ask questions.

Jungle cat world                            jungle cat world

After the behind the scenes tour we had time for a quick lunch, unfortunately the restaurant on site was closed but there was one across the street. I do usually bring a picnic lunch on our outings and would do that if we went back. There was nothing wrong with the restaurant we went to, but the street we had to cross made me nervous with three kids. Cars drove very fast and I would have rather stayed on site.

Our last item to check out was the Feeding Tour, and it was awesome! This tour begins at 1:30 at the white lion’s enclosure just as you enter the zoo. I have never seen a tour like this, where you are able to watch the big cats be fed, a zookeeper tells you about each cat and you can ask questions. I have seen presentations at other zoos before for a specific animal, but I have often found it hard to see, and difficult to ask a question. This tour isn’t like that, you are able to see the cats fed right in front of you, they are fed by a hole in the fence and the zookeeper is standing right there without a microphone and you can hear everything. It is very informative and even the kids were able to see clearly.  If you make the trip to Jungle Cat World, do not miss the feeding tour!

jungle cat world

In closing, I will be bringing the kids back for sure!  We had an excellent and informative day. I am very glad we splurged on the behind the scenes tour as it gave our day a lot more value. The zoo itself is nice, but small. It is the extras they do there that make this venue stand out.

This is my honest review and has not been sponsored, but we have arranged a discount for our Busy Minded Momma Facebook Group Members. If you are a member check out the announcements to learn how to get the discount and if you are not yet a member, find us on Facebook and join us.

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