Top 5 Reasons to go to Disney World

My Top 5 Reasons to go on a Disney World Vacation

1.) The Resorts – I have stayed at almost all of the resorts throughout my life, and I can honestly say they are all awesome. Each resort has a unique feel but they all have incredible staff, clean pools and fun activities. Our family takes several, “stay on resort” days each trip, and they are just as much fun as our theme park days.
2.) The Dining – My husband and I are self-proclaimed, “food snobs” and we enjoy being able to sit down and eat high-quality food. Often at home, we have to arrange for a babysitter and go by ourselves, as restaurants are not child-friendly. At Disney, children are welcome in all restaurants, except for Victoria and Albert. I find that most of these sit down restaurants do fill up and you do require reservations but they are worth making them. Some of our favourites are 2 credit venues, if you are on the dining plan, but still worth trying. These include Cinderella’s Royal Table, Tiffins and Le Cellier. For 1 credit meals, our favourites are Mama Melrose’s, Boma and ‘Ohana. If you are not into sit down restaurants Disney offers lots of quick service restaurants and snacks throughout the park. I love the Yorkshire County Fish and Chips, this is a take-out window next to the Rose and Crown Pub in Epcot. Disney has so many different options when it comes to food, this is a huge draw for our family

3.) Transportation – I have three young kids, which means three car seats and a rental van are essential for us to travel anywhere, but not at Disney. From the moment we arrive until the moment we leave Disney gets us around. From the Magical Express to the monorail and ferries, Disney transportation makes our trip easy!

4.) The Pools – The pools are clean, warm and beautifully themed. Many have waterslides and splash pads. Our family spends time at the pools every day and have never been disappointed. Our favourite pool areas are the Polynesian and the Beach Club.



5.) The Theme Parks – Disney World has four theme parks and literally something for everyone. All four parks are incredibility designed and maintained. You can truly lose yourself and feel like you are in a magical place while strolling through the parks, watching the shows and riding the rides.

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