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Plastic Spoon Slingshot

Plastic Spoon Slingshot


How Cool is this activity. My daughter made this at school and I thought I would share it with you because we have had so much fun firing pom poms through our house.

What you need:

1 plastic spoon

1 toilet paper roll

1 large elastic

glue gun

1 piece of wood roughly 5x2x4 inches



  1. Take the elastic and stretch it out, length wise on top of the piece of wood. Use the glue gun and put 3 dots of glue on the piece of wood. One on each side of the elastic and one in the middle. Do not put glue on the elastic.
  2. place the toilet paper roll horizontally on top of the elastic and glue, make sure one end of the elastic will come up a little higher then the other on the toilet paper roll.
  3. Put the scoop part of the spoon through the elastic that is closer to the top of the toilet paper role and then stretch the bottom elastic around the bottom of the spoon.

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