Rainy day activities

Water Bottle Boat

Water Bottle Boat


This is an activity that can last a full morning. Parent help is needed to assemble the boat and then the kids can play for hours in the bath tub or a sink!


What is needed?

1 empty plastic water bottle

1 straw

duct tape

construction paper



an old baby spoon (this can be anything that has a little weight to it)



  1. Cut a big triangle out of construction paper for the sail
  2. decorate the sail with markers
  3. cut a small hole in the middle of the water bottle
  4. put the straw through the hole and use the duct tape to tape it in place
  5. tape the sail to the straw
  6. put the spoon in the bottom of the bottle and use the duct tape to attach
  7. find a sink or a tub of water and test out your boat




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