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Yesterday’s Receptionist is Today’s Stay at Home Mom

As a little girl, the opportunity to start a family of my own was a dream. Now, it is a reality. I’m married to a loving husband and we share a beautiful little girl. After giving birth, I never had felt so important in my life than at that moment. Through a complicated process, my body had allowed me to give life. From then on, all I wanted to do is be with her, smell her, listen to her, and just love on her. And, I did just that during the next 10 weeks of my maternity leave.

Returning to work was a horrible transition for me. I missed my baby so much! People were so excited to see me return. They would immediately greet me and ask how the baby was doing. With watery eyes, I would just nod my head. As time passed, it didn’t get easier for me. I didn’t cry as much, but I still missed her like crazy.

It wasn’t easy, but after nine long months…I came home to be with my baby. But by then, I had missed her first steps, first words, etc. But, now she would be my priority and I would be her primary influencer.

Fast forward to now and I have to tell you that being a stay at home mom is not easy. In fact, some days I am miserable. I would day dream at work about days that were full of crafts, naps, snacks, and mommy play dates in addition to blogging part time. And, then I get home and life is far different than what I imagined.

While, most days I am counting down until the time my husband can walk through the door and help, I do not regret the decision I made to come home. Motherhood is not easy and it’s not always as pretty as it appears in the movies. But, I love it. My corporate job was stressful, but I’ll take caring for my tiny ankle-biter any day. To cut down on my stress, I know that I need to work on creating a routine and being consistent. And, patience! God, please help me understand how to effectively employ patience.

Some of my old coworkers tell me that they could not be a stay at home mom. They need to be in the field working and that they can’t just be sitting at home. Well, just know that stay at home moms actually sit very little and we use our voice… a lot.  While this transition is not for everyone, it was the best one for me. No doubt it’s stressful, but I am learning to manage. In the end, I am rewarded with the opportunity to raise her and watch her grow into a beautiful person.


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