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Healthy Banana and Egg Pancakes your Picky Eater will love


My toddler is a picky eater, these healthy picky eater pancakes are my go-to recipe. He doesn’t like to eat many things but these 3 ingredient pancakes are a hit. He reaches for them and signs “more” before they have even cooled enough to eat. He happily gobbles them up. They are healthy and easy. They are also great for moms who do baby led weaning.


You will need

A cutting board, bowl, grater, tablespoon, spatula, fork, frying pan and cooking oil or butter. (You can also add cinnamon and or zucchini)



1 Egg

1 Banana medium-sized banana

¼ of a carrot





Put the banana in a bowl. Mash the banana with a fork. It should be well mashed but some chunks are ok.

Crack the egg and mix with the banana

Grate carrot to equal 2 tablespoons full and add to the bowl and mix together

Lightly coat the frying pan with your choice of oil or butter

Turn on the burner too low to medium heat

Pour mix onto the frying pan to make pancakes. Small pancakes work best and are great for little hands.                                                                      

When the bottom looks ready, try to flip them. If you see the bottom is golden brown flip it over. A few minutes each side.

Be sure the egg is cooked through but the banana depending on the chunk size may stay a bit wet in texture.


I have mastered this recipe through trial and error. The consistency of the combined ingredients is important or they will not flip without breaking. You can double the recipe just double the ingredients. This recipe makes 6-8 small pancakes.

Eat alone or with a bit of maple syrup to dip (my guy is a dipper)



Please share in the comments what your kids think of these healthy picky eater pancake. As well as any substitutes or add on’s you used.





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