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Why I chose and SiteGround for my Website

I am a newer blogger and I am going to tell you why I chose to go with a blog website and self-hosting company.

So my mind was made up to start blogging I had no clue where to begin. I started googling free blog sites and picked  It is easy to use and ran through my Gmail account. I set up everything but didn’t like how restricted I felt. I also wasn’t impressed with the options I had available. A few days later I deleted when I found

I loved how the Wix site looked. It was so clean and modern. It was pretty straightforward and easy to use but I was immediately thrown off by my website URL. I wondered who was going to take me seriously as Upgrading my account would have been my only option to use a custom URL. The more I used Wix the more I realized I wasn’t able to add and move things exactly where I wanted them. I used the site for 2 weeks and was getting frustrated with my lack of options so I started researching again.

I considered my best options and The difference in the two is is hosted by WordPress itself and is self-hosted. With they take care of the hosting, when you sign up with a plan but they do the rest. There are some restrictions still in place as it is not your own site. you can get free or paid themes and you must find your own hosting company and then you can build your own site with no limitations.

I thought hard and almost signed up with as it is easier for beginners and a stepping stone to get familiar with blogging and with using WordPress. However, I still wasn’t comfortable with the fact that I wouldn’t have full control of my own website and that I would put all this work in and have to switch and upgrade as I grew.

I carefully weighed out the fact that it would have been easier to accept my limitations and learn from an easy to use click and play site. However, after spending two weeks unable to get much writing done because I was setting up my sites only to be unsatisfied. I decided I would rather take the monthly service fees I would have paid or and put them towards myself. I wanted to invest in myself. Ultimately I didn’t want to do any more work creating a site to not like it and start again.

Another reason in the back of my mind was, I knew in the future I wanted to monetize off my hard work and many of those other sites wouldn’t give me the freedom or flexibility to do so as I pleased. has many great free starter themes. I am not computer savvy but with help from Facebook blogger support groups and YouTube, I learned how to design and created this site.

I did a lot of research and read tons of blogs and reviews on hosting and domain companies. I was given a referral links to a few top ones from other bloggers. Bluehost, HostGator and Siteground. I also looked into a few others including GoDaddy and Vistaprint. The prices were all competitive. Maybe a dollar or two different per hosting for an equivalent plan.

I ended up choosing SiteGround, it was not the cheapest one but I felt it was the best. I bought both my domain and a hosting plan. I called each one and I chose SiteGround due to their excellent customer service and knowledge. The few representatives I spoke with (I called a few times with questions) were so knowledgeable and helped me understand things. I speak fast and I am not always clear when I don’t know what I am talking about and I require someone with patience to explain things to me. They did not rush me they took their time and helped me set things up. I called to ask some questions late at night and they answered fast. I had to call again to get my site secured and they explained everything to me and helped me through the process. I haven’t needed to contact them again yet but I feel confident that they are open and available 24/7. They also have a 30-day money back guarantee for you to try their service. I don’t know about you but good customer service for an equal value service sells me every time.

If you choose Site Ground for your hosting I would greatly appreciate if you please follow this link It is my referral affiliate link it will cost you nothing to follow but gives me a small portion of money in appreciation for my information.

I chose a 2-year plan as it was a good saving over a 1-year plan and I expect to be blogging for a long time. I will eventually upgrade to a paid WordPress theme but for now, I am really liking the options on the Blossom Mom Blog Theme and it’s free! I tried plenty of themes at least 20. Themes are so easy to activate and deactivate if you don’t like one try another.

If you are a new blogger I highly recommend that you go all in. Trust yourself don’t start a site to have to transfer and change everything in a few months when you outgrow the options. Start writing and invest in yourself. Believe in yourself and your capabilities. If you take yourself seriously so will others. It may take some time but like me, you will learn too. Please take a minute and comment below any questions you may have for me. If you start blogging come back and post your blog URL so I can see how your new blog is coming alone! It would also be nice for you to show off your work and for new bloggers reading these comments to get inspiration. Good luck!! I hope my learning curve makes yours easier.



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  1. Thank you. This has been very helpful and honest. I have shared it on Pinterest.

    1. I am glad it helped if you have any more questions let me know. Thank you so much for your support.

  2. Tiffany Nedrow says:

    Thanks for this information! I’ve been reading a lot on blogs and am looking and reading into starting my own and enjoyed the information you shared. Thank you.

    1. Tiffany, That’s great! I haven’t been doing this too long but I have learned a ton. I would be happy to chat more with you or answer any questions I can feel free to email me.


      1. Tiffany Nedrow says:

        Thanks I will reach out to you.

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