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DIY Toddler A Busy Board


Children love exploring and touching things. They especially love things that are not for them to touch. You can make them a DIY busy board. You can add all your toddler’s favorite things and attach them safely for them to explore.

Busy boards are great for children’s development of their fine motor and problem-solving skills. They also provide hours of fun and stimulation.

You will need

Wood, crazy glue, or hot glue gun,  A drill, screwdriver, screws (different sizes depending on what you’re adding), Assortment of sensory hardware. (locks, door stopper, phone, calculator, etc) , pencil, wall mounting hardware, edge/corner protectors. The cost will vary depending on if you are purchasing everything new or reusing items from your house. The approximate new cost is 75-100 dollars.

1. Go to a hardware store and purchase a wood board. The board in the image is 0.74-in x 15.98-in x 3-ft. You can choose any stain, size, shape. If you are crafty paint your own design. You can even reuse a piece of wood.

2. Place sensory items on the board and arrange placement.

3. Use a pencil to highlight where you will need to drill a hole. Attach sensory hardware, make sure everything is secure

5. Attach corner/edge protector

6. Attach wall mounting hardware and secure to the wall, lay flat on the floor or attach securely to a table.

7. Let toddler explore their DIY busy board.

8. have fun!


*Image and busy board provided by Erin Back






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  1. Busy boards are great. I’ve seen them at work, but never thought of making my own. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Darcy, I agree they are awesome. If you custom make it you get to add only the things your kiddo likes to play with that he can’t at home. If you make one please email me the final board. I would love to see what you create. Have a great night and thank for commenting.

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