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Make A Ball Maze Game

Turn a cardboard box into a fun ball maze!  This is a great hand-eye coordination, plus as an awesome boredom buster since you probably have all these materials on hand.

Preschoolers will love rolling the ball through the tubes, while older kids might enjoy adding a game element to this activity.

You will need the following stuff:

  • A cardboard box lid, or a cardboard box cut to size
  • Cardboard tubes – ours are paper towel rolls or toilet paper rolls
  • Tape, Duct tape in a variety of colors, or you can paint them to
  • Exacto-knife or Scissors
  • A bouncy ball – the ball must obviously fit through the tubs smoothly 🙂

Step 1. Preparing your box.  You will want a level surface for the ball to roll on.  You can cut the flaps off the top of the box if you are using a cardboard box. So, with your box already taped together cut the top flaps off and place them inside the box making a flat smooth surface. Use tape to secure it down.

Then gather up the toilet paper rolls and wrapped each one in a different color of duct tape or paint.  Each roll is attached to the box with a loop of tape securing it to the box from the underside on the roll.

Once completed, place the ball inside the box and the child will have to maneuver the box lid up/down/ side to side to control the rhythm of the ball’s movement.

It’s not as easy as it looks!  Are you ready to have your kids take the challenge?


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  1. This is SUCH an adorable and easy idea! Not to mention a eco friendly one, too since you don’t need to purchase new items to do this! I don’t have kids myself, but if I ever needed to take of one of my friends kids, this is a great idea! Thank you! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Monica, for your feedback. Thank you for visiting Busy Minded Momma 🙂

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