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Dinosaur Eggs

Do your kids like dinosaurs? Try out this cool recipe to make dinosaur eggs. It does take a little prep work as the eggs should dry overnight but it’s totally worth it if you have some time to plan. Your kids will love this fun learning activity. They will enjoy discovering what is inside the eggs.




Baking soda


Food Coloring

Small Plastic Dinosaurs



  1. mix the food coloring into the water
  2. Pour baking soda into a mixing bowl and slowly add the colored water, stir it as you go and continue to add small increments of water until you have a moldable paste
  3. Take a handful of the paste and mould it around one of the plastic dinosaurs, do this until you have made the number of eggs you desire
  4. let the eggs dry overnight
  5. let the kids explore different tools for adding the vinegar to uncover the dinosaurs; spoons, syringes, a squirt bottle will all dissolve the eggs differently.


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