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Blizzard Brite™ 32 oz. Grout Cleaner – My Final thought?

So, this afternoon I did a review on Blizzard Brite™ 32 oz. Grout Cleaner to see if it is as good as the picture on the out side of the bottle shows. I followed all directions such as spray a generous amount on the tile and grout and let set for 2 minutes.  OK so we are now 2 plus minutes of the Blizzard Brite™ setting on the tile and grout. I am using a scrubbing sponge with a green scrubby surface. I am scrubbing with up and down motions, circular motions with enough pressure to remove the hard water, rust, soap scum, dried up shampoo etc… The original color of the grout is grey, it cleaned up the mess pretty good on the tiles but did a weak job on the grout. The grout is still stained with a medium amount of discoloration from the soap and rust deposits. My expectations were high as the images on the bottle show a gleaming Ugly to New finish 😊


Final thought is I would score this product an 8 out of 10 on the tile cleaning power, and a 4 out of 10 on the cleaning power towards the grout. The product has a nice clean sent but is powerful when its mist is airborne – so mouth cover or mask is recommended.

I personally do not recommend this product as it did not do what the packaging says it will do.

This product was purchased at BED BATH & BEYOND


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  1. Suzi says:

    I agree, the cleaner is pleasant and not harsh, but it’s performance is weak for a grout cleaner, bleach works better.

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