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Annnnd shes off

I am so proud of my girl! I am always proud of my kids but sometimes they do something that sparks a little more inside me then usual and this weekend one of those things happened. Boo Boo learned to ride a two wheeler. She is officially a big girl! The interesting part is how this all unfolded, I have been bugging Tyler to take the training wheels off for a few months, however usually when we bike we are camping and he always seemed to forget the right tool. Truthfully I think he was worried about taking them off as Boo has been a bit of a ‘dramatic biker’. She has been known to complain bitterly, become frustrated quickly and be fiercely annoyed when Jungle J and Mr. Bippy speed past her on their balance bikes. I always felt the training wheels were interfering but truthfully we didn’t know if they were the problem or this was just not her thing. So this weekend we went camping (yes it was Thanksgiving, yes it was damn cold and yes it rained most of the weekend and we did survive). Tyler took the training wheels off at home and left them there so there was no going back, she would have to learn to do it without them. So Saturday morning I thought it would be a good time to start, Jungle J and Mr. Bippy were playing with their cousins, Tyler was cooking and I could take Boo Boo on the road to start what was sure to be a process which involved tears… Maybe from both of us. I held onto her bike while she climbed on and steadied herself, I jogged three steps and let go expecting to have to start running behind her or pulling her off the pavement but she was off and peddling. She did it on the first try! I ended up having to shout to Tyler to turn around quickly otherwise he’d miss seeing her. (And by shout I mean scream and jump and yell like a crazy woman because that’s really the only way to get my family’s attention). So that was it she was off, she didn’t fall once and was much faster and more confident then she was with the training wheels. My heart has been smiling since. Her frustration with biking wasn’t biking itself just the wheels holding her back. How did your kids learn to ride their bikes? comment on Boo’s video on facebook and let us know


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