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Hell hath no fury like a baby with Allergies…

Let’s talk allergies… Allergies are serious. They are common enough that people throw around the term and I’m not convinced the majority of people understand how serious they can be. Allergies can be life threatening. If you haven’t already figured it out, allergies run in my family. My sister is anaphylactic to several things including peaches and nuts, I have a severe allergy to sea food and to be honest allergies in my family are as common as not having them. However, when Boo Boo was born 5 years ago, it still wasn’t at the front of my mind. We got lost in her big blue eyes, her tiny fingers and newborn bliss. For 9 beautiful days Boo Boo took in this big world and melted our hearts. On the 10th day all hell broke loose. Boo Boo started screaming and I don’t mean little new born screams because they are hungry I mean blood curdling you are cutting off my arm screams. There was nothing we could do to calm her. I tried everything, holding her, going for a drive, putting her in the swing, feeding her NOTHING worked. By the time Tyler got home from work I handed her off and went to bed, he paced with her back and forth from 6 pm until midnight when she would finally drift off to sleep and the next day it would start again. This went on for 7 weeks and after 3 doctor’s visits, 1 trip to the hospital and 2 different pediatricians we discovered Boo Boo had a milk protein allergy (this is not lactose intolerance). We switched her formula and our life quickly righted itself. Skip forward almost 5 years… Her allergy has taught me many things like you can substitute olive oil for butter in most recipes as well as DAIRY IS IN ALMOST EVERYTHING!!!! This is incredibly frustrating not just for me but for her too. Allergies have become so common now, but I still feel people do not understand them. This past summer Boo Boo went to a summer camp for a week. We were both so excited for her to go. This camp provided lunch and snacks to all campers. We went to the camper open house and I spoke with the director of the camp who assured me that her allergy could be accommodated and would be. They made me feel confident so on the first day of camp I dropped her off and we were both very excited for this new experience. Boo was 4 so she was in the youngest group and although she does know she has a dairy allergy as I mentioned before, DAIRY IS IN EVERYTHING! and being 4, she still needed some help from the adults around her to ensure she was not eating anything that may contain dairy. To make a long story short when I showed up to pick her up I was told that she had been sick, the poor girl needed to have a shower because she couldn’t make it to the bathroom. Nobody called me to let me know…. I was initially very confused as this was not like my daughter, so I asked a few more questions and then the BIG one. what did she eat today? Chocolate chip cookies (milk chocolate and butter) and creamsicle (milk) were both on the list. MY 4-YEAR-OLD DAUGHTER WITH A MILK ALLERGY WAS GIVEN MILK PRODUCTS AFTER I WAS GUARANTEED THAT THEY COULD ACCOMMODATE HER FOOD NEEDS. The amount of anger, upset and fear I felt cannot be explained in words. The only thing I could do was pick up my sweet girl and put her in the car, take her home and look after her for 3 days while she was in agony and the milk was coming out of her system. I am sure you realize by now that we are lucky, my daughter has a gastrointestinal reaction not an anaphylactic reaction, but what if she did? This is always on my mind. Allergies are serious and something I hope more and more people start to understand. The scariest part of this is that this was not the first time Boo was given dairy by professionals looking after her. She was also been given a sandwich with butter on it by her child care provider. I cannot turn back time and take back these situations, but I can make sure they don’t happen in the future, by only sending her own snacks to birthday parties, making all of her food myself and explaining to all of her friends’ parents, her teachers, her camp counselors and anyone else that comes into contact with my girl. This is an allergy, this is serious. If you take anything from this story please be aware of individuals with allergies, we are everywhere! and something as small as a microscopic smudge of left-over peanut butter on


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