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The biggest surprise of my life

Do you like being surprised? The biggest surprise of my life happened just over 4 years ago and I can pretty much guarantee I won’t ever be as shocked as I was then. At the time I was very newly pregnant with my second child and boo boo was 10.5 months old (yes baby #2 was planned). It was summertime and I had planned on taking Boo to the pool, so I packed up the giant diaper bag with bottles, baby snacks, mommy snacks, diapers, you know all the endless things you may need when taking a baby to the pool. I was just making my last trip to the bathroom and panic took over… I was staring at blood. I grabbed that diaper bag bathing suits and all, strapped Boo Boo into her car seat and headed straight to the hospital. At the hospital I was seen by a nurse and a doctor and prepared for bad news. Boo Boo and I headed over to ultrasound and I was told that they wouldn’t be able to tell me anything and I would have to go back to emergency for the results once the scan was completed. I said ok or some other half acknowledgement as I braced myself for what was sure to be terrible news. I felt the cold gel on my stomach and allowed my mind to drift away.
Ultrasound tech “Ashley, umm I’m going to show you.”
Me thinking ..Show me? Show me wh…. Omg there are 2
Ultrasound tech “here is your baby… And here is your other baby, you are having twins!!!
Me thinking again .. OMG THERE IS ACTUALLY 2!!!! I manage to blurt out my daughter is only 10 months old and burst into tears.. tears filled with every possible emotion
Ultrasound tech “congratulations, you are going to be busy” I was 7 weeks pregnant with twins! I wasn’t even able to go back to emergency right away I was shaking and I couldn’t wait to call Tyler. I stepped outside the hospital and called him and it went something like Tyler “hey how is every..” Me “there’s two..there’s two babies” Tyler “…” Me “twins we are having twins! Like for real, no joke.. 2 babies” Tyler “….” Truth be told I have no idea if he was actually speechless or I just couldn’t process anything else in my very full brain. We were going to have 2 babies, our family of 3 was going to be a family of 5 in a few short months.. and we were going to have 3 children under 18 months.


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