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Naked in Public?

What does it feel like to be naked in public while you are sober? Probably a hell of a lot more comfortable than having a broken cell phone.
Last week I was in the middle of video taping some hilarious non sense my kids were up to and my phone literally froze for three milliseconds and went black. FUUUUCK (yes I said it but only in my head)
I hit the power button…. Nothing
I hit the power button again and hold it waaaaay longer then needed…. Nothing
I tried a third time… nothing
I resist the urge to to smash the damn thing…
“BOO BOO come here a second please I need to use your earring”
I take her watermelon earring out of her ear and jam it into the restart button.. nothing
I do it again.. NOTHING!
BREATHE I tell myself it will be fine, the battery must have just died, once its charged up it will be fine…
BUT IT WASN’T! So I went through the day the next day without a phone… and it was hell because my entire life revolves around using this electronic device and I have forgotten how to live without one. How was I able to answer all the kids questions?
How much longer until we get to school?
Me “I’m not sure maybe 15 or 20 minutes”
Mr. Bippy “Ask woogle”
How could I listen to my audio book.. I couldn’t I had to listen to the radio!!!!
What if someone wanted to book a showing of the house?? Our house isn’t going to sell because I am unreachable……
My whole day was filled with what ifs and I literally had to email Tyler back and forth all day to communicate from a 12 year old computer (yes it’s a dinosaur, yes I’m actually using it right now)
SOOO the next day I dropped Boo to gymnastics and took the boys with me to the store I WAS DESPERATE, I NEED MY PHONE!!!! So when I spoke to the sales associate we figured out I had two options…
1) send it out under the manufactures warranty and see if whatever is wrong is covered, as my phone is still under 1 year old. The cost FREE— sounds pretty good except it could take 4-6 weeks for them to get it back to me, with no guarantee they would in fact fix it and the icing on the cake… this location is out of loaner phones… YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME I almost died not having a phone for the last 24 hours there is no way I am lasting 4-6 weeks without one.
2) We pay for an extended warranty on just my phone (this should tell you something about me) I could take advantage of this and they will send me a new phone right to my door. SCORE.. or NOT I would have to pay a $299 deductible for this, WTF $299 is a lot of money!! I am not trying to replace my kidney!
Sooo I walk out of the store without a phone and thoroughly pissed off with our carrier that they think a $299 deductible is reasonable… F THAT I do not need a phone that badly….
I get home put the phone down on the bench and email Tyler to tell him the issue. He writes back “order the new phone”. I write back “not a chance in hell”. He writes back “you need a phone”. I write back ‘not happening…..”
Skip forward a few hours.. Tyler comes home walks in the door makes a ton of noise and comes up the stairs, hands me my phone and the damn thing is working! It’s a thanksgiving miracle I demanded he told me exactly what he did to make it work…
“I accidentally dropped it on the floor when I came in”
Morals of the story.. 1) Smashing technology does in fact work
2) I am completely addicted to my phone but that addiction is not worth $299


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