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Meet The Busy House Herd

It is Saturday it’s my “sleep in day”. My not yet husband (NYH) and I have this arrangement that Saturday am’s are mine and Sunday am’s are his. Now “sleep in” may not be the right term it’s more like the lay in bed but awake day, for me anyways. As for him it’s totally Sunday am sleep in day. What mom can actually sleep through all the noise and the herd of elephants stomping through the house screaming to be fed? My kids don’t seem to have an inside voice they tend to go from non-verbal toddlers to one tone loud kids. I say “whisper” and they reply with “OK MOM” in their original tone. Regardless, I am still lucky to lay in bed and not have morning duties. 3 bums to wipe by 9 am, I’ll pass!


I want to introduce and briefly speak about my 3 young kid’s. My NYH was just rounding up the herd and trying to dress them to go out for breakfast and our 3-year-old is screaming and crying “I can’t do it myself” “I can’t”. Zacharoo; he was the sweetest, most easy-going baby and toddler. I often say, “he is my savior”. He is the one kid who I can take out in public and is always behaved. He loves to go out and shop or drive around especially one on one. He welcomes any opportunity to suck up attention. He takes his middle brother role seriously and loves to play. However, he doesn’t like to do things where he must work. Work is anything you ask him to do. Get dressed, clean up, take off your clothes, put on your shoes, go pee, his reply is always “I can’t”, or “not by myself”. Unless the direction includes getting chocolate. Now at 3 and a half he has an opinion, he is stubborn and testy yet sensitive. It was bound to happen but with 3 other strong-willed kids in my house I was hoping he’d stay easy going. He is now one of them he wants attention but not positive attention just any attention. He wants to be babied and for us to do everything for him. We simply can’t so the power struggles have begun. Then there is Little Momma, she’s 5. She is competitive, determined, independent, sweet and helpful. Unfortunately, sometimes too helpful. She adores her brothers but mostly likes to assert her older sister status and boss them around. She negotiates better than most lawyers. She tries hard to please us and is usually well behaved until she just isn’t. She loses it and turns into the big bad wolf and huffs and puffs and can blow our house down! She loves school and learning but she doesn’t really need school because she already knows everything. Last there is the baby, Poopsie. Yes, he is a toddler but since he is my last babe I often refer to him as ‘the baby’. It’s bitter sweet but I am more than done. Pregnancy itself was the worst thing I have ever been dumb enough to repeat 4 times! Poopsie can be a handful! He keeps me on my toes literally because he touches everything. He spent his first year living up in my arms. Possibly one reason why he took so long to walk, starting at 18m. I was just so busy I would pick him up and go. He refused a bottle and pacifier. I am his soother. The only thing that calmed him down was a boob, his thumb or loud static noise. We would drive down the road listening to no signal radio stations to keep him from screaming. He is still breastfeeding on demand and my longest breastfed. He is a picky eater and would live off boobs, chocolate, pouches, peanut butter and pizza. He is slowly finding his voice with a few words. Since he doesn’t communicate verbally he has mastered other ways to get his point across; he bites, pinches, throws things and screams. He is high maintenance. He is the baby and he knows how to stand out and get what he wants, and right before I’m ready to post him for sale on Kijiji he makes the cutest face, gives open mouth kisses and makes my heart melt. These little kids are such personalities they make my life full and fun, but I am permanently half asleep. Anyways, I’m going to enjoy the last few minutes of my “sleep in day” then go help cook a Turkey! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates. We don’t celebrate but I like turkey!


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