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Teen Version Barbie Birthday Cake

Last week my 1st baby turned 19. 19! When did I ever get so old? I remember her 3rd birthday like yesterday waking her up with a brand new doctor’s kit seeing her smile from ear to ear. There is something so exciting about little ones birthdays and most importantly they’re so easy to please. Cheap gifts and a cake and they will give you the sweetest smile, genuine thank you and biggest bear hug you’ve had all week. 19, what do you do for a 19th birthday? What haven’t I done in her 19 years? It’s a huge milestone here in Canada. You can drink, gamble and well you’re finally able to do all the things you were probably doing anyways but now legally. So what does a good mom do she bakes a cake. Let me start with I am the least creative mom I think I know but I always tell my kids homemade things that come from the heart are always the best and I was about to role model that. So Google gave me a great cake idea. I researched how to bake a vanilla cake and I reviewed tons of intimidating recipes until I found a fool proof one and picked up 3 boxes of Betty Crocker’s cake mix and two tubs of icing. Easy peasy, cakes were baked and YouTube tutorials taught me how to cut the tops and hard sides off and how to stack and ice them and keep the crumbs in. That sounded so smooth when I wrote it but in reality I was frustrated! While attempting icing my not yet husband came in watching me painfully struggle and took over and let’s say he made the cake. He is surprisingly artistic and for his first cake it came out great! We have found his hidden talent. Most kids love cakes with keep sake figurines on their cake so why would a 19th cake be any different? My daughter’s gift was a cake including a barbie doll and a small bottle of Captain Morgan’s Rum, and the memory of me sneaking around obviously doing something suspicious and out of my character in the kitchen. I got a lot of eye rolls and some usual teenage snarkiness but when the cake came to the table her face lit up with that same sweet 3 year old grin from ear to ear. Our young kids thought her barbie cake was hilarious and loved the barbie doll and the tasty cake! They were so excited to see barbie and eat cake they didn’t even notice that she was very sick. In that moment everyone was happy. Happy Birthday KK!


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