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Public Sensored Toilet Hack

Parents I don’t know about you but getting my little kids to use a public washroom is hard work. They are scared or the noises. Washrooms are loud from the dryer to the all the toilets flushing and now the damn toilets flush themselves. I understand why businesses are installing sensored toilets but these toilets were making a simple family outing so stressful. Taking 3 kids into the washroom to have one or two of them scream and refuse to use the toilet was making me want to put them back in diapers. They pee pee dance all over the room and I know they have to go but they won’t get on that toilet. Public washrooms are gross but even grosser for a kid to be sitting or being held over the seat and the sensor misreads and flushes water spraying up everywhere. The kid’s indoor playground near us has censored toilets, the library, Mc Donalds, etc.  Businesses you are scaring the little kids away and this momma was running with them!

I found a solution. Post-it Notes. I now carry them in my purse. I stick one over the sensor and reassure my child that I promise it won’t flush. To some kids it is just a toilet but if you have kids like mine be proactive and bring some Post-it’s wherever you go. Child-friendly businesses please start handing out Post its, love one tired momma.


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